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Jun 11, 2011 06:53 AM

Ideas for garlic leaves?

I am growing garlic in my garden this year, and will have tons of garlic leaves when I harvest. They are so nice and garlicky, but I am not really sure what to do with them. Any ideas for me?

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  1. You might want to do a search for garlic scapes, since that's usually what they're usually referred to as.

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    1. re: emily

      The leave and the scape are not the same thing. Leaves are leaves and the scape is the stem of the flower.

    2. Garlic scape pesto is wonderful. Just google it. They're also great in semolina soup. Anything you'd use garlic for, you can use scapes for, although their flavor isn't as concentrated as the garlic bulb. We get both scapes and garlic from our CSA, but I especially look forward to the scapes, since those aren't usually available anywhere else.

      1. Soak them and use them as a wrap around shrimp, pieces of beef or veggies on the grill. The garlic imparts a subtle flavor and keeps the food moist.

        and then there's this delicious recipe!

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          That recipe sounds so good! Dinner tonight!

          Thank you.

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            Enjoy JenJRM! My pleasure to share. I hope you'll report back on how you enjoyed them or any changes you tried in the recipe.

        2. I thought scapes were cut off early in the season so they wouldn't compete with the bulb for nutrients. We get scapes in our CSA box, too, and it's usually right about now. They're definitely not leaves.

          HillJ, that gnocchi recipe looks wonderful! Sounds a bit like she's talking about ramps maybe?

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          1. re: nemo

            Could be but any garlicy leaf would work on this recipe, nemo.

          2. Chop and stir fry with some scrambled eggs.

            Or dice up and mix it into your meatball or meatloaf. Gives it a nice and refreshing bite.