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Jun 11, 2011 06:47 AM

Why food at Hong Kong Hyatt's 'Hugo's' not so good as before?! - Now I know!

For nostalgic reasons, I love to visit places like Hugo's, Amigo, Gaddi's...etc every time I visit Hong Kong. The roasted prime ribs of Hugo's, with its great au jus, used to be awesome. The frog legs provencale was one of the best version I have eaten ( including Michelin star restaurants in Burgundy! ). However, the meal I had there a couple of months ago was mediocre and totally non -memorable!

Now, I know why!!! Just found out the chef had moved to Vancouver and opened up his restaurant there!! ( using the name of one of Hong Kong's past and most famous HK style western restaurant - ABC ).

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  1. Thanks! I plan to visit Vancouver soon. :)