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Jun 11, 2011 04:51 AM

Need help planning budget/moderate 4 nites in Montreal

Convinced hubbie to join me in Montreal for 4 nites the end of this month while I attend a conference. Problem is that we already had planned 3 weeks in Europe this summer so need to keep costs down.

Any suggestions for:
1) dinner near Museum of Fine Arts on Wed nite
2) weekday breakfast near Hotel de la Montagne (where we are staying) or Sheraton Centre (conference hotel)
3) business lunch near Sheraton Centre
4) dinner options (L'Express is definitely on my list, loved it several years ago)
5) breakfast/brunch on Saturday
6) food at or near Jazz Festival on Saturday
7) dinner near (or on way to) good free fireworks view on Saturday nite
8) weekday diner/burger/ethnic fun places for hubbie to grab breakfast or lunch by himself (he already has Schwartz's on his list)

We know we want to visit Atwater and Jean Talon markets but they are a bit far to grab breakfast or lunch while I am attending the conference, so I may have to wait until Friday afternoon & Saturday morning.

We do have some dietary restrictions (me--no wheat, hubbie--no milk products) which means no pizza/pasta/sandwiches/bagels for me, and no pizza for hubbie.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Suggestions for...
    1) Kazu. Be prepared to wait in line, though.
    4) If you liked l'Express, you may also enjoy Laloux and Lemeac, which tend to do a bit more of a modern take on bistro fare. If you really want to keep it cheap, Lemeac offers a $25? special after 10pm, which is a very good quality/price ratio.
    7) Au Petit Extra. May require reservations, but very close to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and other ideal fireworks viewing spots.

    1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

    1. For 5) I would suggest considering Holder, which has the benefit of being close to your hotel on the edge of Old Montreal. They have a nice, very affordable brunch.

      1. I'm not sure how "business" you want a lunch for 3), but if its you and "hubbie" I'd suggest Cafe Presto around the corner from the Sheraton on Stanley. Fairly good Italian for mucho cheapo - their plates (choice of 5 or 6) ring up at $6 each. Or a block over on Peel at Macleans Pub, fair to good pub food. For a true "business" lunch, you might consider Dominion Square Tavern
        another block over on Metcalfe. Very nice, hip ambiance (think turn of the century decor) and they have a week-day lunch menu for $20 with soup or salad (you can search this on Chow as well


        For 6), I'd suggest getting a bite near, not at. For such an international festival, their food kiosks are almost embarrassing - think hot dogs, fries, pizza, crepes (doesn't bode well with your restrictions either)....
        An option would be Chinatown a few blocks south where you can eat like a king for cheap. My favorite is Beijing on de la Gauchetiere very near St. Urbain, but theres plenty other places. This option can foot the bill for 7) as well.

        Cafe Presto
        1244 Rue Stanley, Montreal, QC H3B2S7, CA

        1. FYI, Atwater Market has a new crepe place, in the covered area on its north side, that offers wheat free crepes.

          EDIT: also, there's an allergen free restaurant, called Zero 8 in the Quartier Latin. I don't know how it is, but it may prove interesting

          1. Hi

            You can get good sandwiches and cheese plates featuring varieties of quebec cheeses at the SAQ BIstros at the JazzFest (plus wine of course). I can't remember if they also have a charcuterie plate available but I personally like to go there, sit for a while and listen to the music while enjoying something to eat.

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              This is true, but most times you can't get in without a very long the OP can't eat sandwiches, her husband can't eat milk products...

              1. re: porker

                Oh, I am so sorry. That was perfectly awful advice. I didn't read the original post all the way thru.