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Jun 11, 2011 03:09 AM

Pls suggest a vegetarian main course for my dinner party tonight, to serve 1 person.

I am serving Simon Hopkinson's lamb with garlic and anchovies, baked ratatouille, mashed potatoes and green beans.

My go-to dish veggie dish is a piece of fish, usually bream or sea bass, spread with tapenade and quickly roasted, and it would go perfectly with the meal tonight.

But I would like to do an actual vegetarian dish instead of just fish. Any suggestions that would pair nicely with the other sides? I am thinking a warm cannellini bean salad but it just doesn't seem very substantial. I don't want her (the veggie) to feel her meal has been an afterthought.,

I am terrible with veggie food and need to think of a "centrepiece" dish rather than a couple of extra sides, I started cooking in the eighties and am not very patient with meals that involve lots of little dishes to make up the protein element!

Starter is mozzerella tomato and avocado salad, and pud is almond macaroons with mascarpone cream and fresh strawberries.

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  1. ratatouille is a main dish in my house, and I think would be lovely with a bean salad. I would not assume a vegetarian would eat fish, anyway. Eggplant or zucchini parm are nice vegetarian centerpiece dishes ,
    Have you seen the Flexitarian Menu? It has dishes that can be prepared with a meat or fish version and a veggie version, to feed carnivores and vegetarians alike at the same meal. I love it.

    1. What about a light pasta dish? Something without a meat sauce, but a flavorful veggie sauce. That way its toothsome with some filling to it. And you can make enough so that those that are not too enthusiastic about lamb also have an alternative. That way the vegetarian will not feel like you made it just for them.

      1. I have cooked for her before, I know she eats fish.

        Re: parmigiana, I think it's a bit too similar to ratatouille no?

        Will have a look at flexitarian menu.

        Seems a bit funny to serve pasta as well as mashed potatoes. I would not want the 2 together on my plate. Am looking for a nice protein or vegetable dish to accompany the other sides.

        1. I like the idea of beans as they'd pair nicely w your meal. Instead of a salad, what about stuffing a roasted Portobello mushroom w beans that are seasoned in the same manner as your lamb. The anchovies and garlic would be lovely w the beans. I find that the meatiness of the mushroom adds substance to vegetarian mains.

          Alternatively, I often stuff Portobellos w Quinoa to add some protein however since you're serving potatoes, I don't think this is an optimal choice.

          The final suggestion I have would be to serve some grilled calamari as I think the smokiness would compliment the earthy flavours in your ratatouille and would also be delicious w the potatoes.

          1. You could do stuffed portobello caps -- it looks pretty and it's really tasty.

            Just make some extras so you veg guest doesn't feel singled out.

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              Any kind of stuffed veggie would be good if you have some leftover from the ratatouille. This one for bell pepper stuffed with white beans looks good and could be scaled down if needed, though I agree that making a few extras is nice.

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                I feel like serving stuffed peppers or eggplant with ratatouille would be a little repetitive, no?