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Jun 11, 2011 02:51 AM

Bonnington Cafe, Kennington [London]

Vegetarian and vegan food cooked by a rotation of volunteer cooks, in a converted terrace house in behind the Oval. Yeah, it was exactly as you would expect.

Everything was underseasoned and much of it was somewhat tasteless, and all of it I could have cooked better at home. Service was terrible - we had to go into the kitchen twice to find someone to take our orders. Two adorable boys were playing accordion and clarinet, and had a very sweet discussion afterwards about how they don't disagree with money in principle but that some people are, like, so greeedy and mean. Sigh.

I'm sure the community spirit was very nice, but certainly don't go for the food.

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  1. As you may guess with the regular change of cooks it really depends when you roll up .
    Its a lovely idea but somewhat chaotic as you found. I have been a couple of times and had a great meal there followed by 2 so so ones.
    But love the space and the people and the gardens nearby are so beautiful. Woven willow anyone?