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Jun 10, 2011 11:40 PM

La Ferme de la Ruchotte, Burgundy

Frederic Menager has quite an impressive resume, cooking throughout France at some pretty posh addresses. He has now taken a ‘tree change’ and is hidden away in the Hautes Cotes of Burgundy about 25 minutes from Beaune. The restaurant is just open Saturday’s and Sundays for lunch and is inconspicuous in its setting as part of a working farm. Much of the produce is grown and/or raised on the property and there is a card on the table that warns children that if they wander around unaccompanied they may be eaten by the big llama at the front gate (I don’t think it really says that but it does not want children roaming around the grounds without accompaniment).

You arrive at La Ferme de la Ruchotte and are basically treated to what Frederic feels like cooking for you for the paltry sum of 35 euros. The wine list is ok but has been picked over somewhat with many selections having been ruled out with the stroke from a kilometrico pen. The aforementioned pen also decided that Dujac’s 2006 Vosne ‘Malconsorts’ was worth 20 euros more than it was originally listed at and took the liberty of making a crude change. We settled on a 2009 Francois de Nicolay Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Les Fontenys’ which was quite big and ripe at first with notes of blood plum and cherry. It settled down and was a decent drink, showing a combination of ripe and tart cherries. It was creamy in the mouth and finished with chewy tannins.

Some house bread was served with wafer thin spreading of lard and fennel seeds to start. We then were presented with a hearty bowl of wild asparagus; gently poached egg and a broth of liveche, a herb that added a light curry taste. It was a dish that was so bright and vibrant. Next was Grand Gascon Roti. A huge roasting pan housed roast meat that looked like lamb but was indeed Porc Gascon, a rare breed of pig. The meat was milky, elegant and succulent and it had been roasted perfectly with crunchy crackling on the outside whilst retaining moist and tender flesh. The pan juices were fantastic. A simple gratin de pommes accompanied, not many better foods on the planet than organically grown potatoes that have been cooked perfectly with cream and cheese.

The cheese course was a simple, fresh goats curd with Frederic’s naturally leavened sourdough. Dessert was also a simple affair of fresh strawberries with a rhubarb ice cream.

This is a great place with a convivial atmosphere and cooking from the heart, using the freshest of ingredients.


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  1. 58 days and counting. Thanks so much for the delicious appetizer.

    By the way, did you sleep over? and if so?

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    1. re: mangeur

      No mangeur, we were staying in Meursault at a friends house.

    2. Thank you for this report and inspiring us to try La Ferme de la Ruchotte. We had lunch there on Sunday, along with six other customers. I understand that Saturday dinner is also available.

      I'll post more later, but for now, here's the video of the Coucou de Rennes heritage chicken roasted very simply with just salt as seasoning. Listen closely and you can hear the golden brown skin crackle each time the knife or fork touched it. Didn't catch it on the video, but my dining companion said that the fork punctured the bird, a tidal wave of juices squirted out.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Wow, Melanie, your link is revelatory. Not only do we have reservation for room and dinner at LFdlR in July (family crisis caused us to cancel same last summer) but I have just salted down a chicken for tomorrow night's roast. I have never watched a more professional chicken dissection. I will make sure my knife is saber sharp. Again, thanks much for this.

        I look forward to your continued posts on this good address.

        1. re: mangeur

          Yes, I learned a few carving tips by watching the chef in action. I took note of the way he sliced off the wishbone.

          Here's a link to Vincent Pousson's blog post about the same lunch. He and Isabelle were seated at the communal table with us.