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Jun 10, 2011 11:35 PM

homemade tonic

Has anyone made tonic at home? Any recommendations for where to find cinchona bark locally as well as citric acid? Also a great recipe would be appreciated. I got a carbonation device for my husband for father's day and would love to serve him a great G&T that afternoon. Thanks!

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  1. You may not want to make your own tonic water. Cinchona bark contains quinine which can have adverse effects. The amount of quinine in store bought tonic water is very small, but making your own may not allow you to control the amount as carefully. I did see an upscale tonic water at both Williams Sonoma and Wegmans.

    Sonoma Restaurant
    223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

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      It's just about impossible to drink enough quinine to have adverse medical effects. it's too bitter. The amount of quinine that you get in a homemade tonic is way, way, way below any amounts that can be harmful, unless one is allergic to quinine.

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      1. There's a recipe on the Chowhound site that I used last year to excellent effect. Some of the ingredients I got from Penzeys, and for others I don't recall -- I would just google the ingredient.

        It's great stuff -- you can make a considerable amount and it has a unique taste, very unlike both the mass-market and the artisanal tonics.