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Jun 10, 2011 11:07 PM

I ruined my flourless chocolate cake. What can I do with the resulting mess?

My flourless chocolate cake is a disaster, maybe because my chocolate seized. What happened? The topmost layer is basically oil (well, butter of course) and the bottom is like a chocolate creme brule.

This is awful, especially because I used expensive Callebaut chocolate. Is there anyway I can take this mess and turn it into an edible dessert? It was for a party tomorrow.

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  1. Have you tasted the bottom layer? If so, and it tastes good, you could layer it with whipped cream and chopped chocolate or fruit (raspberries or strawberries) and layer in wine glasses. Pretty and great tasting. Shave some chocolate over the top!

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      that is what i'm thinking too -- there isn't much chocolate that good whipped cream (maybe with a touch of liqueur to match your fruit) and fresh fruit can't rescue. raspberries are the classic -- and they are beautiful in contrasting color to the dark chocolate and the white whipped cream. layer in cute goblets or special glasses for individual servings, and garnish with mint sprigs.

    2. Yes. What they said. This should end up SO not a disaster.

      1. Use the bottom layer for brownies.

        Add some flour (obviously), egg yolks that were leftover from the flourless cake endeavor, and try to rescue it into brownies.

        1. could you make/buy mini tart shells and fill them? top with a dab of whipped cream/raspberry perhaps. the most important thing: don't tell a soul what happened!