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Jun 10, 2011 09:37 PM

Where can I find oysters?

Living on the Oak Park/Berwyn border, I'm looking for a fresh seafood place where I can get some oysters to grill.

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  1. Hi Neighbor!
    Dominicks and Jewel usually have a few oysters on offer, but...
    Since the awesome International Mart closed on I55 and pulaski, I'd say the best closest place would be Isaacson and Stein.

    I'd also assume that there's gotta be a place in Pilsen or Chinatown which are both a very quick trip, but I'm not certain. If you are planning to be out further west, on North avenue is Supreme Lobster out in Villa Park:

    1. Dirks Seafood on Clybourn or The Fish Guy on Elston have oysters and, if there's a particular variety of oyster you want, they can get it for you with a little advance notice.