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Jun 10, 2011 06:32 PM

Solo dining at China Village for lunch. What to order?

Is it possible to have a good meal at China Village when dining alone at lunch?

I have tried it twice, both times the lunch specials were down right awful.
(Szechwan beef and Kung Pao chicken,both were mucky, salty, flavorless messes)

Should I just order off the menu?

I don't mind having to order two separate dishes to have a decent lunch.

However,I would prefer to just order a lunch special if there are some that are worth eating?


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  1. Damn straight it is possible. I often eat lunch there during the week. I usually order the black bean sauce fish special which I eat with liberal amounts of the hot/black bean sauce they have at the tables. Also like the chicken curry. The noodle soups are good too, although I did have one (with beef?) which in which the broth was too hot for my chili-loving mouth to handle.

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    1. re: chocolatetartguy

      That hot braised beef noodle soup is good.

    2. None of the dishes on the lunch menu are among my regulars there. I'd try Village Special Lamb.

      1. Village Special seafood noodles are good, quite spicy. Dimsum works pretty well.

        On the lunch menu, you'll see a section at the bottom where the dishes are a little more expensive at $7.50 (rice extra). In that section I can recommend the chongquing chicken, the tofu and seafood clay pot, dry-cooked beef, bean sprout with shredded duck, and loofah with dry shrimp.

        Among the lunch specials at the top, yes, Village Special Lamb, and the Szechwan Style Fish with Hot Bean Sauce.

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        1. re: ernie in berkeley

          Excellent suggestions!

          I will head over this week and give them a go.

        2. I usually order Village Special Seafood Noodle Soup for lunch. Not much more $$ than the specials and generally better (though not as consistently excellent as when you get it at dinner).

          If I'm in the mood for eating off the lunch specials, Szechuan Eggplant isn't bad (again not as good as it is when ordering it at dinner off the regular menu).

          The other problem w/ the lunch specials is that the accompaniments are often less than wonderful--i.e., mediocre soup.

          Thanks to the other responders for their suggestions--make me more inclined to think of China Village for lunch!