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Ace Bakery ALTERNATIVE(the little guy)

I'm currently writing a menu and in search of an alternative to ACE bakery. I'm looking to support the little guy in the GTA that bakes a variety of fresh breads and can keep up with restaurant demand. I have been searching and coming up short. There must be a production bakery in the city that competes with ACE bakery, no?

Help me support the independent bakery.

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  1. Breadhouse on Bayly makes superb rye and whole grain breads.

    Breadhouse Bakery
    893 Bayly St, Pickering, ON L1W, CA

      1. ACE Bakery is way overrated. Look for a good Portuguese Bakery. The problem is they have gone downhill. Try Caldense.

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          I agree it's over rated. It's only appeal is it's huge selection. I'll try Caldense, thanks. They seem to have a few locations.

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              Agree that St Johns is good. Bought some English Muffins from them at Don Valley Brickworks Market last weekend and a scone. All very good and the rest of their selection looked great!

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            freds bread is always so yummy!

          2. Epi Bread on Bayview bake their breads with various combinations of flours, sometimes including sourdough. I really love their rustic baguette. I'm pretty sure they deliver to restaurants.

            Epi Breads
            1526 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

            1. Agree with St. John's. Brick Street also does a few things really well, like their basil sourdough.

              1. Looking for something a little cheaper, i could go as high as $1/slice, but it'd better be GREAT sliced bread. It's a lounge concept, I'm after bread for a selection of high end grilled cheeses(a really nice portuguese or italian sliced loaf) , a really soft hot dog type roll, a sesame/onion white roll and small Rye Bread rolls. I'd like to find someone to do all of these for me, and then feature them on my menu. That's the plan.

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                  I have lost touch with bakeries. In part its me, in part its that bread baking talent has dissipated . You are about 25-30 years too late.
                  Try the rye bread from Haymishe Bakery on Bathurst and Stormont .It is the best in Canada and pretty much all that has survived from a great tradition of baking. See what you can do with it.
                  Italian and Portuguese breads are still good if you find the right one at the right place. You gotta shop around. But these white breads don't slice well. I suggest a light bun, split. They still can be good and they carry the food well. You gotta shop around.
                  You can still get a good Portuguese corn bread, and it will slice well. Can you do anything with it?
                  Never did I think that I would do it but I am. Look at Silverstein's Bakery for hot dog buns and the like.
                  If you want pita it is Arz and only Arz (great whole wheat too!) but you may have a robustness problem with it.

                  II have poured out my heart to you. Please don't be the sort of guy who keeps bread in a plastic so that it stays "fresh".

                  1909 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

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                    I am looking to have this bread brought to me Fresh 4-6 days a week, knowing i'll be paying for it. That's why I am trying to find someone large enough to provide at least a couple things i'm after. The bread must sliced as it will be used on a griddle and a bun just won't work.

                    You seem to be on the ball. So i'll ask a highly off topic question...Have you got any idea who might produce very high quality footlong weiners? I think that one's going to be another challenge.
                    I wish I were from the city and might have a clue where to begin on some of this sourcing.

                    1. re: Lovetts

                      I do ! But in New Zealand. I suppose that yhis won't do , even though bread is flown in from Paris and tomatoes from Mexico in the off season. But I suppose there are those pesky Ag Canada regulations.
                      A big question is how many you ar egoing to go thropugh in a week. Therer are small sausage (small goods) makers around who may do a custom run for you.

                      How about a bun, split and topped put into a salamander? I make "pita pizza" this way.
                      Or change the idea somewhat to accomodate the available good ingredients?
                      Hey, how abvout making pit apizza? Arz's pit a is too thin for this.

                      1909 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

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                        I'll be looking for a poppyseed egg bun. It'll be a take on the traditional chicago dog. Ideally footlong, then sold as 1/2 or whole. I'm hoping I can find a local butcher to make them for me a few/couple cases at a time and freeze them. I haven't been to st lawrence in ages, but i think that's where i'll have to start.

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                          Start with the sausage makers and Polish delis that still make their own. Try Eddy's on Dundas West Miss.
                          If you hav eit made, insist on a vegetable casing (instead of pork) so that you can sell to the halal and kosher lite crowd. I assum ethat it wil ve all beef.

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                            There is a small sausage maker on Dundas near Ossington that might help. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/569015

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                    Harbord Bakery does great challah, rye and hotdog/hamburger buns. I also like St John's, but have only tried a couple of theirs.

                    Harbord Bakery
                    115 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

                  3. One indie out here in Scarborough that I find very good is Montmartre. Give them a call or, better still, drop by and taste their goods.

                    Montmartre Bakery
                    105 Midwest Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3A6, CA