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Jun 10, 2011 04:05 PM

Need help for upcoming trip... head swimming after reading this board!

Hi guys... Need help with a loose plan for my upcoming trip so I don't draw a blank when I actually get to Vegas.
Here are the stats:
- Staying at MO
- Won't have a car
- Just my friend and I for a beginning of summer get out of town / relaxation break

Check my list and would love suggestions for the holes (like lunch, breakfast, dinner on Sunday night)

Current plans:
- Fly in Friday night - dinner @ Sage (don't want to go far from the hotel as it's our travel day -but am also not sold on the idea of TWIST menu, hence Sage), gambling
- Saturday - breakfast at Mozen or Wicked Spoon Buffet, chill at pool, Absinthe show at Ceasar's, maybe a club afterwards? (not a meatmarket, any suggestions?)
Sunday - check out spa (free passes- score!), chill at pool, maybe some gambling, dinner place??
Monday - breakfast meeting at hotel (Mozen), spa treatments, late lunch, flight out

I wanted to check out one of the better steakhouses. Originally planned to stay at Wynn Encore until I heard they are now catering to some real D-bag type clientele. Still holding reservations for SW steakhouse there Friday night, but plan on dumping them for SAGE.

My head is swimming after reading all the reviews, I'm exhausted from reading them all and now I leave it all up to you guys!

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  1. If you are looking for an awesome steakhouse, absolutely check out Cut at Palazzo. I ate there for my third time last week and it was better than ever. I've done a full meal in their lounge each time I've been there and it's great- amazing service, great salads/appetizers, seasonal vegetable sides, and the best quality steaks I've ever had (if you want to splurge, go for the 34 oz. American Wagyu Porterhouse for 2 people- you won't be disappointed). Carnevino (also in Palazzo) is really great too if you'd want to combine steak with high-end Italian, but for the ultimate steakhouse experience, go for Cut.

    1. Didn't have dinner at Encore, but the breakfast buffet was fabulous. By the way, this was the most elegant, stunning and classy place we've every stayed at - and we're well traveled.

      1. 2 key pieces of feedback on your specific post:

        1. Get to Absinthe 1 hour before show to get in line and hang in the beer garden. You can grab a burger (even a veggie burger) from the truck. If you can't get in first 2-3 rows, sit in one of the first raised rows, 90 degrees from front door (stage left or right). There are poles every 4 seats or so which may leave gaps on each side. Also, go to restroom before going in so you don't have to get up during show. The raised level is much better than 3-4 rows in front of it. Great show.

        2. Porterhouse for 2 at the SW in the Wynn (downstairs) is excellent, not Peter Lugar, but excellent nonetheless. Others in my group got other steaks and enjoyed them.

        3. If you are looking for a top notch tasting menu, Andre's at the Monte Carlo is a treat. (and that is close by) My wife and I had a 50 person reception there 10 years ago (awesome!) and we went back in November with another couple and it is still awesome (not sure why it took so long to go back since we have been back several times). My friend and I added the wine pairing. Our wives ordered single dished and split a salad. The pumpkin suffle was amazing. Went to RM Seafood for lunch this last trip and that was excellent.

        RM Seafood
        3930 Las Vegas Blvd S 134-200A, Las Vegas, NV

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        1. re: mocozeke

          Mocozeke- many thanks for the tip on where we should sit for the show. We bought the VIP seats - so we'll get in an hour earlier than the rest of the crowd and will head to the 1st raised row.
          Do you guys still think I should head to SW for steak?

          1. re: BurntMarshmellows

            I would go to SW if you like the Porterhouse.

            For Absinthe, If you get into seats an hour earlier, the second row might be best unless you want to run risk of getting pulled on stage. The night I was there, they got 2 men that were not together to kiss on the lips for a free drink. You should enjoy the beer garden as there is a great atmosphere there. Have fun and let us know what you thought.

        2. i would agree that Cut is my favorite steakhouse. Sage is outstanding, so good choice. Other recommendations that you might consider: China Poblana at the Cosmo for your late and interesting food. Another choice might be PUB, which is surprisingly tasty. In the cosmo, there is also a 20.11 lunch at Milos, which is a great deal (three course, very good). We had a nice meal at Scarpetta in the Cosmo; we've also eaten at Comme Ca, but for french bistro/brasserie food, I would still pick Bouchon. Have a great time.

          3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          Comme Ca
          3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109