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Jun 10, 2011 03:14 PM

Baltimore Rehersal dinner places

I am getting married in November and the parents are stressed out about finding a place for our rehearsal dinner in November. Any good suggestions? I heard Tio Pepe and Aldo's are good but space wise I don't know if they will work (we have 75 people coming). Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think that you should check out Tabrizi's off of Key Highway in the downtown Baltimore area. It specializes in wedding receptions. So, it should be a lovely location for a rehearsal dinner. It overlooks a portion of the inner/outer Baltimore harbor. It has a lovely view and the chef is very accommodating with regards to the cuisine.

    Tio Pepe's would not be a venue to accommodate your number of guests. Aldo's is okay at best.

    Are you considering downtown Baltimore exclusively? If not, then there are many options in the surrounding counties.

    Also, what is the date of your party? You will need to book very early in advance if the date is near Thanksgiving weekend.

    In any event, please profit a bit more info as to location, price point and date so that we can be more informative. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. FoiGras

    500 Harborview Drive, Baltimore, MD 21230

    1. Last October, my wife and I hosted a Rehearsal Dinner at Liberatori's (sp?) in Timonium for about 100 people and it couldn't have been nicer. The people working for the restaurant were terrific from one of the brothers with whom we planned the event to the gentleman who was in charge on the perfect evening.

      1. 75 people are coming to the rehearsal dinner!!!!

        I think it will be a challenge to find a place that large...I'm thinking Bluestone could handle it in Timonium. Bluestone would be a safe choice foodwise.

        1. Did you settle on anyplace for your rehearsal dinner? I'm planning a rehearsal dinner in late October for a wedding also in the inner harbor and am looking for ideas. The bride would like Indian food, but as I'm not familiar with Baltimore other than as a tourist (I live in Philly area), don't know if that's do-able. Anyone with ideas? Our group should be considerably smaller than yours at 75, hopefully closer to 40 or less.