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Jun 10, 2011 01:38 PM

Good eats in Oban, Scotland

i'll be there august 26th to the 27th...any suggestions?

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  1. Try Eeusk on the waterfront - great seafood and friendly service. (Take rainwear as it rains every time I go to Oban, and plenty of midge repellent)

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    1. re: Snufflehound

      I though Eeusk was expensive, but excellent value. The seafood platter more than fed two and at the time was around 15 quid. (It looks like it's up to 20, but the amount -- and quality -- of the shellfish we were served made it seem like a bargain.)

      I also don't know if it was simply because we had been consuming nothing but Real Ales for the previous week, but I remember the wine list being quite good as well.

    2. Coast is a lovely restaurant too

      1. Probably any place that I'm not since I'm there that weekend for my Stag do!

        I thought Eeusk was decent enough but very overpriced for what we got. The Waterfront is excellent but not particularly cheap. My favourite place has apparently been sold on (Seafood Temple) and only due to reopen in June so no idea how it's doing. That also makes me wonder if the seafood shack which was owned by the same guy is still open. If so, it's a great place to grab a lunch time bite. Gorgeous hot smoked salmon and brown crab. Coast looked lovely every time that I have been passed it but I've not been in. Likewise, Room 9 gets good reviews but I've not been.

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          Rest assured seafood shack still open - no sign of closing! Would agree that Oban is rather poor value restaurant wise. The seafood shack has picnic tables next to it for eating just beware of the gulls.