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Jun 10, 2011 01:22 PM

looking for a haute cuisine home cooking food blog

blogs, cannelle et vanille and nordljus, are prime examples of what i look for in a home cooking blogs: creative, tasteful recipes that are also elegantly presented (emphasis on plated presentation, not just the photography). these blogs post the sort of recipes that i would expect to find in higher tier restaurants and go-to patisseries, there is clearly a level of expertise at play in their work. the problem is they are centered around baking. for a long time i've been looking for something comparable but focused instead on cooking: amuse bouche, first's, mains, etc. - and, there should be a lot of focus on meat.

an added note, what's so great about the aforementioned blogs is that while their dish ideas and presentation feel current, fresh and enticing, they are rarely centered around wildly expensive and difficult to find ingredients. instead its about the way these ingredients come together that makes for something elegant. i am not looking for the french laundry cookbook in blog form.

any suggestions would be really helpful and if you know of any blogs, websites or youtube channels that focus on food presentation that would also be a great resource.

thanks a bunch.

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