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Jun 10, 2011 12:39 PM

Olive and Antipasti Bar... can't.get.enough.

Ok, so I'm an avid eater (of most things) and I'm pretty creative in the kitchen. I am absolutely in-love with all the tasty olives and colorful marinated combinations at my local grocery store's deli. I use some of the items in my recipes, like making pizzas and pasta dishes, but I was wondering if anyone else had any of the own ideas they'd like to share. I just want more ways to use these!

What's your favorite olive or antipasti items from the deli? Do you just snack or what? I'm a big-time snacker looking for ideas.

Thanks so much guys! (:

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  1. Stuffed Blue Cheese Olive Martinis!

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    1. re: tolkiennut

      Ahhh... thank you! Haven't tried them in martinis yet. How many do you put in? Some brine too? (:


      1. re: meghant

        3 Olives. Usually got straight dirty with your favorite olive juice and favorite straight gin/vodka

        1. re: tolkiennut

          Three olives in my Three Olives...Love it. I also like olives stuffed with anchovies....

          I think I need a drink!!!

          1. re: Burghfeeder

            haha.. This is great! I can't wait to grab me some vodka, blue cheese stuffed olives and get to work! Tuesday is a perfect martini day, I'm thinking... d:

    2. The olive/antipasti bar is a great thing, no doubt.

      I use it to make small batches of olive tapenade (or large batches actually - you can pick just as much as you need, which is why I love it - easy to do for 1 or 10).

      Get one container - put in some green olives (pitted), some black olives (pitted), a few capers (or caper berries sometimes when they have them), a roasted red pepper (or part of one depending on how many olives - I like an almost 1:1:1 ratio of green/black/red pepper - but to each their own). Buy a lemon and some parsley. Dump it all in the food processor (mini-prep if you have one, less clean up) with some of the lemon juice, olive oil, and some parsley - buzz until the texture you like. LOVE IT!

      (I leave out any sardines or anything like that since friends have fish allergies)

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      1. re: thimes

        This is a great idea! I am an olive bar whore and especially since it's just two of us at home, I love it. Last night I bought some Romaine and then headed to the bar and got some marinated feta, olives, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers and and voila! salad for two.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          buzz some of those artichoke hearts with garlic, capers, smoked paprika, a squeeze of lemon, and good, peppery olive oil for a killer artichoke tapenade.

        2. re: thimes

          This sounds awesome! Thanks so much for the recipe. I've been looking for something new like this. Yum! (I usually stay away from the anchovies, myself.) <3!

        3. Peppadew peppers are fantastic on pizza. We like to pair them with pepperoni or chorizo, but they're great on their own.

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          1. re: rcb4d

            i love to stuff peppadews with herbed goat cheese or feta.

            1. re: rcb4d

              These are the same as Pepperazzi peppers, I think. They are round and red? Sort of squat? I have stuffed them before like ghg was saying. I LOVE goat cheese. It's the perfect creaminess cheesiness for the bit of spice in the pepper. I thought of stuffing them with sausage and cheese too. I found this recipe online. It looks delicious! They're so colorful too. I'm always trying to find new appetizers for a small crowd. Boy, it's early and I'm already getting hungry!

            2. I like the olive bar too - the olives and looove marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms. I don't indulge too often though as it is $7.99/ pound and I usually can't resist and easily polish the whole thing off in a few minutes. I then feel guilty about inhaling eight bucks on a quick snack.

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              1. re: LorenM

                It is a bit expensive, I know. See, I'm on a budget, but I budget in the olive bar... haha. I've tried to make do with some canned/jarred things and it's just not the same!