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Jun 10, 2011 11:25 AM

C5 - how is it, really?

DH has stated his desire to go for our anniversary dinner. Menu looks good and the room looks gorgeous, but I'm worried it will be a bit vacant on a Wednesday night, so not overly romantic.

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  1. I was tehre about a year ago midweek and yes it was a bit vacant but with teh high soaring ceilings and the openness of the space and the amazing views it actually feels really nice and zen without a full room.. and if you can get a seat by the window and watch the sunset... (or thunderstorm) and stroll through the grounds afterwards and I would say it is a great romantic evening..

    And for a little fun get there early then sneek into the museum... I go sometimes for lunch as you can go to the downstairs restaurant without paying museum admission.. they give you a little red collar pin to wear if you are just going for food.. just walk to the elevator take off the pin and explore... :-)

    1. We were there having their tasting menu around 2-3 months ago. Food is delicious except the dessert which is pretty weak. But I would say it lacks the wow factor. It is also a bit small on portion size. It is a Friday night and only around 30% full with a big party at the bar area. I do not consider a romantic restaurant, I feel the atmosphere a bit cold when I sit there eating. it got a good view of CN tower though.

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        Worst service I have ever had at a restaurant! It took 20 minutes to take our drink order, and another 20 to actually get the drinks. We had four different servers scrambling around to take our orders. Completely ridiculous. The food itself the took 30 minutes to come, and was average.

        Overpriced. Unprofessional service. Mediocre food. The only plus is a nice atmosphere, but certainly not a reason to ever return. Ever.

        1. re: utopia

          I am really sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. Was it really busy when you were there? I am not sure why but it feels like they are working out bugs once the place gets busy.

          My one time at C5 was mostly the opposite. Decided to go there on a spur of the moment on the weekend of Family since they had a special menu for kids.

          The host was slow to come at first but once we were (finally!) seated I was pleasantly surprised. The place it lovely. Service for us was fabulous and our server, Henry, was really really good with my 5 year old son. Went so far as to go downstairs to get bendy straws and brought ketchup for his grilled cheese without asking. As a parent, its the little things that make the biggest impression.

          Once the place really got busy I noticed it was harder to find him, but it was still the attention to detail that impressed me. The food was excellent and for dessert we had the dessert for two option which was 4 small plates of really interesting options. So all in all I will absolutely return.

      2. C5 has gone through quite an overhaul in the last little bit so I'm not sure they'll be up to their old standards.