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Jun 10, 2011 09:48 AM

Restaurants in Kent Island, Maryland

Can anyone recommend some good restaurants on or very close to Kent Island? We're only doing a overnight stay so don't really want to travel.

Appreciate any feedback.



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  1. Our favorite is The Narrows, located at Kent Island Narrows. The only place we avoid is Kent Island Manor. Others will have more suggestion I'm sure.

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    1. re: DPGood

      The Narrows is dull, boring food...

      Kent Manor Inn is different, eclectic at times and will be a better choice.

      Kent Manor Restaurant
      RR 8, Stevensville, MD 21666

      1. re: DPGood

        Try either The Narrows , "A view and excellant food but a bit pricey". Hemingways "Awesome view and great food". And then there is the new 4 seasons Incredible food and presentation but no view..".
        I have to mention though that if your just passing through and want something quick? Capriotti's sandwich shop.....Every sandwich and sub there is to die for........literally. The hot pastrami and cheese sub? Incredible!

        1. re: Scott0

          I agree with Scott about Capriotti's. I was there today for the hot pastrami. My first Capriotti's experience was in Dover, DE in 1995 and I was very excited when they opened up on the Island. We were in need of a good sandwich shop and they seem to be doing very well. My favorites are their meatballs, pastrami or cheesesteak subs, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

        2. re: DPGood

          Kent Manor is for tourists. A place to try.......and then try to forget.

        3. The Crab deck or Harris Crab House in Kent Narrows for Maryland style crab feast and seafood on the water . Also might enjoy a cocktail and live music at the Redeye Dock Bar next to Harris in Kent Narrows which is a huge indoor outdoor beach like bar

          Harris Crab House
          433 Kent Narrow Way N, Grasonville, MD 21638


            Haven't been yet, but I've heard positive things. Menu certainly looks good to me.

              1. I am surprised no one has mentioned Rustico yet. It is one of the best Italian restaurants around. I don't just mean around Kent Island either. The menu changes regularly but there are some staples. Their pizza is an excellent reproduction of a neopolitan pizza. Apps are excellent with one of my favorites being the breaded green tomato's topped with buffalo mozzerella, or the Eggplant and Mozz Napolean. I could go on and on about entree's and desserts and wine, but you would probably start drooling like I am. ;) Try it, and you will be glad you did.

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                  Hmm. I will try Rustico Sat. The previous owners left a bad taste in everyones mouth..............