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Jun 10, 2011 08:49 AM

Paris Restaurant Advice

I'm usually on the answering side of things for where to eat in Rome. This is the first time I'm actually signing on to ask advice.

I'm heading to Paris next week, and have three dinners to plan. One of the dinners is for a group of about ten people, and I'd like it to be within walking distance of Palais Royale. I'm thinking Chez Georges for traditional Paris bistro. Does this sound right? Is it good for a group? Any other advice for that neighborhood?

We are staying in the 6th, so wouldn't mind something within walking distance. Am considering Le Timbre, which sounds good (from Alec Lobrano). Another option is La Ferrandaise.

Of course, if anyone has any other recommendations I'd love to hear them. For instance a great Vietnamese place?

Thanks so much in advance.


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  1. I think you would perhaps be more pleased with La Moustache which is essentially next door to le Timbre. There is a thread for it if you use the search function.

    You are correct, Chez Georges is a very traditional French bistro.

    1. Maceo (15 rue des Petits Champs) is easy walking distance from PR, and is a great place for a group. Prices are moderate for really top quality fine dining, and there is a vegetarian prix fixe, in case you need/want it. They have a beautiful library space, should you prefer a private room, but that's not necessary, as there's plenty of room in the dining room.

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        Try Saturne which is in the 2nd. Very good phone and interesting, natural, wine list (no sulfites, biodynamic.) Good Asian (Cambodian, Thai, Laosan, Vietnamese) on rue Mont Thabor west of Castiglione called Coin des Gourmets (Au) which is next to L'Ardoise another good little bistro.

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          We were at Maceo last year and had a very good meal. We would go back again.