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Jun 10, 2011 08:19 AM

Mystique Cider

I'm a big fan of Mystique cider but find it really difficult to track down. I know it's on tap at the Old Orchard on Monkland and they sometimes (really rarely) have the 4 packs in the Provigo next door.
Does anybody know if it comes in packs larger than 4 and of a good reliable place to find it?
Also, it's from Hemmingford near the US border - has anyone checked out the cidery down there? Is it worth the trip?

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  1. almost every depanneur in the plateau/mile end/outremont carries mystique. I used to buy it but when they decreased the bottle sizes and increased the price, I stopped .

    1. There are a number of cideries in the Hemmingford area and it is an area well worth checking out. The produce around Ste Clothilde is world class. The food in the area is excellent from the duck eggs at Stairsholme farm to the butcher shop on Covey hill road. I have found all the cideries first class and all worth the price of the tasting samplers. Witsend in Hemmingford has what I consider the best fries in Quebec and their fish and chips alone are worth a trip tp Hemmingford.But lest I forget the deli in Lacolle and Fritz Kaiser's fromagerie are also great visits. If you want to drive a little further to Freleighsburg the Pinnacle ciderie is wonderful but the one next door is worth a drive from Vancouver.

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        Thanks for the tips. I agree on the bottle size being tiny, it's definitely more of a 'Summer treat' purchase at 10 bucks for 4 in the deps and markets.

        I'll definitely be checking out the area this month for a bit of a food/booze tour. Moedestrie, if you're in the city and are looking for knock-out fish n chips, i'd check out the Frites Alor! on Rachel and Rivard. I ate there last Summer and as a Brit in Montreal, i've got to say that it's the best i've had in Qc!

        1. re: run_mtl

          $10 for four of those little bottles is ridiculous. Try the Kerisac cidre brut from Bretagne at SAQ. It's like $5.70/750mL

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          I was in Hemmingford over the weekend and had lunch at the Witsend pub. It was fine, but nothing spectacular. I am Australian and am the search for excellent fish and chips in Montreal - Witsend's were good - the quality and taste of the fish was excellent, as was the clearly homemade tartare sauces, but the fries were lacklustre and the batter was only ok (though not overly oily) So, good by Montreal standards perhaps, but not worth the trip alone to Hemmingford! We ate at lunch time on a Sunday and it was clear the kitchen was struggling with demand - lunch took roughly 2h.

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            Have you tried Restaurant Le Jozéphil in Beloeil?

            I was thinking about staying a night at the Manoir Rouville-Campbell so that we'd have more time to explore the region, and this looks like a great mid-priced dining room.

            1. re: OliverB

              No, it was my first visit to the area! (aside from a previous trip to Parc Safari!)

              1. re: unlaced

                I've lived in Montreal nearly 30 years and (save for Parc Safari) it will shockingly be mine too!

        3. Mystique is from Covey Hill Cider and you can reach them at 450-247-3111.While your on Covey Hill Road don't miss Boucherie Viau who has one of the only two open pit smoking licences in Quebec and buy some of his Ham,Bacon or Smoked Meat made with his own Black angus herd.All terrific.

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            Their hot dogs are amongst the best I have ever eaten. Boucherie Viau is excellent sorry I didn't remember the name in my previous post.

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              Oh, that must be the Boucherie Viau that makes the excellent blood pudding I buy at Fruiterie Mercier. I definitely have to go visit them.

              Thanks for the tip, finefoodie55.

            2. Also love Mystique!

              Any IGA I went to in Laval always carry the 4 packs, all the time. You just need to find it as they often put it in a weird section. Mine (corner of Boul. Le Carrefour and Boul. Curé Labelle) store it near the cheap wines, not near the beer (they used to store it near the beer before).

              I noticed they also have "pink" colored Mystique now, but I have not tried it yet.

              1. Thanks for the help everyone, a trip to Covey Hill cidery & boucherie Viau sounds good. I did the LCBO run last weekend and ended up with 24 Strongbow for 60 bucks to keep me going!

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                1. re: run_mtl

                  Does anyone know the opening times for Boucherie Viau? Are they open on a Sunday?

                    1. re: kpzoo

                      Thanks kpzoo! For some reason I found their email address, which had a domain name of and tried that as their web address (which obviously didn't work!) Should have just googled it first thing!

                      For future reference - they are closed on Sundays :(