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whiskey & oysters

I've heard that raw oysters and whiskey are friends. Is this really true? It seems odd to me. I usually drink a wheat or kolsch beer with raw oysters.

If so what kind of whiskey is recommended? Bourbon, scotch, rye?

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  1. Ick.

    I'd rather stick with white wine, champagne, beer, or even any of a dozen cocktails.

    Whiskey and oysters just sounds wrong.

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      Beer is the ticket. If there is anything better than oysters and cold lager on a hot summer day, I don't know what it is.

    2. Yes! Rye whiskey straight or whiskey soda. But even better are oysters with a Manhattan or Sazerac.

      1. Good sake, nicely chilled, is my choice for raw oysters.

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        1. A smoky Scotch, like a Laphroaig or Lagavulin is wonderful with raw oysters. Put a few drops right on the oyster.

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            I like Scotch with sushi, so thinks makes sense to me.

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              I always favored wine or beer or a martini; I would have thought that whisky would overpower oysters. But one evening, warming up in the saloon of the Grand Central Oyster Bar with a Scottish whisky, we later decided to order up some oysters, and WOW it was a fantastic combo.

          2. All great!! We had some oysters with pepper infused vodka last night. Quite good!!

            1. Any of the suggestions here are great ones. Whiskey is particularly nice with oysters, as is any rich and hefty ABV beer, on any end of the flavor spectrum... from malty to hoppy.

              But Rye Whiskey is certainly a sublime accompaniment (most especially if you've had a few whiskies beforehand).

              1. I profess to being something of a traditionalist . . .

                At home, I generally have wine with oysters on the half shell -- depending upon what's available, a crisp Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs (example: Pierre Peters); a Chablis a/c (various producers, but preferably one that sees very little or no oak); or a Muscadet (generally from Domaine de la Pépière or Domaine de l'Ecu).

                If I'm in a Japanese restaurant (or happen to have the sake in the fridge), a nice Junmai Ginjo just seems perfect (Kokuryu "Junmai Ginjo," for example).

                OTOH, if I'm in New Orleans, a pitcher of Abita Amber is a guaranteed match made in heaven!

                Whisky? Hmmmm . . .. dunno.


                1. Oh, darn. Now I'm gonna have to try this. Life is hard.

                  1. Bourbon's a little sweet, rye is spicy and scotch is smoky. Lots of flavors whisk(e)y brings to the table. Makes for interesting pairing with oysters.

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                      Hmm. After trying some of the above I still say a dry beer or chilled vodka.