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Jun 10, 2011 07:10 AM

re: Arugula Seeds

I planted a row of Arugula Seeds in Toronto, Canada on Sunday & they sprouted by Wednesday evening! I have never had such great seedlings.

I wonder what I have done right compared to other years.

1) Is is the wonderful sunny weather?
2) I scattered the seeds carefully and barely covered them with soil so was i planting them too deep in the past?
3) I added compost to the soil plus 4 bags of new purchased soil with fertilizer. Other years I just added a bag of sheep manure when I prepared the soil.

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  1. You may have been planting them too deeply. I let my plants go to seed and self-sow, so they aren't buried at all. Sun definitely helps, too. After weeks of rain and fog, we've finally had a couple days of sun here and just like magic tiny arugula sprouts have appeared.

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      When I plant Rocket, I broadcast the seeds and then apply a "dusting" of fine soil, barely covering some of the seeds. We always have had great results; continue planting every 2 weeks; until you have had enough of it!!!.....LOL