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Jun 10, 2011 06:25 AM

Virtue Feed & Grain

Looking forward to tonight's opening. The menu looks like a nice mix of pub grub with some more gastropub-ey fare, like crubeens, bone marrow, and ox tongue salad. And they've got Donkey Kong upstairs.

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  1. Just curious if anyone was able to try this place. My husband and I biked by on Sunday afternoon - it is a great space and great location. Just wondering how the food/service is...

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      I was there for drinks at opening night. I was fully expecting the usual opening night messups, and there were several, but the staff did their best to handle them and overall did a professional job. About what I've come to expect from an Armstrong establishment. For some reason, the downstairs bar bills were going upstairs and versa visa, so there was a lot of running around, waits for drinks, missed orders, etc. The taps also went haywire at some point, which was a shame because they had an excellent selection. The bottled imports were a fine alternative. Also, there was a limited bar menu, so I didn't get to sample the crubeens. But I did manage to sample the roast chicken, which was done perfectly, and the "Smooth as Velvet" cocktail, which was stout, cider, and some sort of bitters, which was delicious. The upstairs space is perfect for lounging about with a drink, and the small game room in the back has a pool table and video games. So, in spite of the crowds and mishaps, I had a really nice time. The vibe is really relaxed and chill. Looking forward to trying the dining area downstairs after they've ironed out a few kinks.

    2. Has anyone been recently? Would love to hear more reviews.

      1. My friends are taking me here next weekend to celebrate my birthday. The menu looks pretty good but I'm curious what people's favorite dishes are.

        Dishes that particularly spark my interest are the deviled eggs, pate, chopped liver, salmon, lamb, and duck confit. Any thoughts?

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        1. re: Elyssa

          I really enjoyed the crubeens (roasted, shredded pigs feet, molded into a patty and fried) and the steak & kidney pie. Be sure to order one of Todd's hoptails. We tried one at Eve he called "Oh, Honey" which was honey-infused vodka, crisp apple, and another ingredient that escapes me. The aroma was like a subtle floral perfume.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            Ooooo that cocktail sounds incredible!

        2. It was just reviewed this week in the Washington Post. I don't think I'm allowed to post a link here (maybe I am, who knows?), but you can find the review on the Post's website.

          1. I went for lunch about a week ago. I had the Pope's lunch and really enjoyed it. Simple meal, but all the ingredients were really good.

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                Sandwich with proscuitto, real mozarella, arugula. Homemade potato chips and a side salad with vinagrette. The bread was really good bread too, baguette like. I don't eat much bread these days, but that one was worth it.