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Jun 10, 2011 06:18 AM

ALDI German Discount Supermarket in Rego Park?

Anyone been to the Albrecht's newest in LeFrak City? Same brothers who own Trader Joe's. This, apparently, is their No Frills version. No bags. No credit cards. No staff assistance. Traders and BJs in one....

Any products of note?


Trader Joe's
130 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Oddly, I've visited an ALDI in Iowa City, but not yet hit the one in Rego Park, though I live in Queens. The one in Iowa City had great deals on produce (like $0.25 avocados!) though it was definitely a spartan shopping experience.

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      that's funny, I've been to the one in St. Louis. Didn't know there was one in Queens. Good for the "oh, that's a great deal, I'll make that this week" crowd but not so good for those with a shopping list. I think the products change according to what they can sell cheaply. I can't remember anything in particular. Do they even have a house brand, like TJ's?

    2. I was in the Rego Park Aldi once. It was very weird. They've made up packaging and brand names to make you think you're buying a brand name product. I'm sure they've been sued many times for that. The store has the feel of a 99 cent store that only sells food. That said, when I shop at Trader Joe's I can usually fit $50 worth of groceries in one bag. At Aldi's I spent less than $20 and could barely carry it home. Prices are excellent on dairy and basic canned and packaged goods, but don't expect any gourmet products. As an example of prices, they had milk for $2.99/gallon and a box of packaged hot chocolate mix for 79 or 89¢.

      61-11 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

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        I've been twice, both times the produce looked vile, packaged items very unappealing--got some cookies, nothing much--and vibe of the place is just plain weird, and not good weird.
        Won't go back.

      2. I have never been to an Aldi store. The video included with this reply is informative, somewhat funny, and even offensive in some parts. Take away from it what you can. I personally think he overspent, but I'm willing to check the place out and decide for myself what's worthwhile.

        Aldi Supermarket -->

        1. I live near the Rego Park Aldi's and have been in it a few times since it opened. I was very excited when it opened and I bought many things on my first trip there. Since then I've purchased less and less. In fact on my last trip I walked out without buying anything. I haven't been overly impressed by anything I've purchased and, in fact, I am really disappointed in the packaging of many of the things I bought. They are packaged in a way to try and make you think that there is a lot more inside then is actually there.

          Their prices are really good and if you look the produce over very carefully you can get some good stuff at great prices. (Bagged salad greens for .99).

          They don't have one house brand but rather dozens of them, all with names to suggest to you name brands.

          As previously stated bring your own bags or you can purchase bags. You do your own bagging.

          I don't know if it's worth a special trip but if you are near it at any of the Rego Park/Elmhurst malls or restaurants it's probably worth a look-see.

          61-11 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

          1. I think aldi deserves better reviews. I was thrilled to find this store when I recently moved to the Rego Park area. I grew up in Germany and the store looks the exact same way , and reminds me of home. I think the only downside to shopping at aldis is the lack of personnel and bags, but I don't think the quality is bad. In europe aldi uses brand-name products and puts cheap packaging on them in order to sell them cheaper, it should work the same way here as well. I already stocked up on milk, cheese, meat, produce, and snacks at aldis, and like everything. I guess the way the store looks, turns people off, but its really worth going there.