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Jun 9, 2011 11:29 PM

Recipes for Two!

I'm looking for as many recipes for two adults as possible. I will look at anything, from the simplest to the most challenging. I have no preference on the cuisine type, and no food allergies/distastes for anything except ham (makes me break out in hives!) and cilantro (I've got a genetic distaste for it). My co-diner likes red meat, but it's not a must for every meal.

I am a novice cook who loves a challenge and experiments with food all the time. I'd like some simple recipes to start with, but I'd also love some really impressive stuff too! Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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  1. I cook for two every day, sometimes twice, but we love leftovers so when I use a recipe I don't mind making extra. If leftovers are not your thing, and you are a novice cook, I would recommend starting with a good general cookbook. This way you can learn some techniques, the order you add ingredients, and how to manage cooking times.

    I gave this book to my daughter, who is actually a very good cook, and she has found that every recipe has tasted delicious. It is not adventurous cookery, just very well seasoned every night meals:

    I have found that my library is a great source of cookbooks. I take one out, give it a spin and if I need to own it, then I buy. It has helped reduce the number of unused books cluttering up my shelves.

    To get more responses in the future, it does help to be more specific, such as "I want to make an Indian dinner for two" and then you will find that recipes flow easily.

    Good luck!

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        1. When cooking for two, consider the benefits of cooking for twelve and freezing the other five dinners. This works well with stewy things made in the slow cooker---chicken curry, beef Burgundy, carbonade flamande, Cajun red beans and sausage, etc as well as things that you bake in a big pan and cut into twelve portions, like moussaka and lasagna.

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            12? I would be worried about freezer burner since it could take awhile to go through those about 4 or 6?