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Late Night Eats

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Need some recs for late night eats during for the weekend! Type of cuisine does not matter! All I've got so far is Homeslice, Cover 3 and Chez Nee?

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  1. 24 Diner on Lamar is open 24 hours.

    1. How late are you talking?
      Contigo has excellent food, and they are open until Midnight Sunday - Friday, and until 1AM Saturday night (AKA Sunday morning).

      1. Both 888 (Vietnamese) on Oltorf and Misung 888 (Korean) are open late (after 1:00 AM)

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          haven't been in a few years, but 888's lemongrass dishes were really good.
          and anything w/ their peanut sauce, too.

          there was one dish that was swoon-worthy, and i wish i could recall it's name.
          it was browned tofu with onions and a tomato sauce, almost caramelized.

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            Sounds good....I love swoon-worthy dishes. Can you find it here?


            1. re: rudeboy

              it's not on there, and quite a few other dishes are so i guess they got rid of it.

              my rotation was that, or a lemongrass dish, and something with peanut sauce.