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Jun 9, 2011 06:51 PM

Where to get quality Spanish olive oil?

Having been unable to find any Spanish olive oil other than Goya in any market I've been to in the Bucks/Montgomery county area, I'm wondering if anyone has a tip on where to find some good quality Spanish olive oil. I'm looking for the kind with an expiration date on the bottle.

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  1. I'm no expert, but I love the Spanish olive oil from Trader Joe's. It is one of my favorite olive oils for flavor. It does have a date on it. Like many TJ's products, it is light on specifics, but it does say on the bottle that the oil is from Spain.

    1. Claudio or Di Bruno may have it. I'm speaking as a tourist of course.

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        The best place in the burbs for any olive oil is the Tubby Olive in Newtown, PA. They have olive oil from all over the world, including spanish oils as well as california oils produced with Spanish olives. You can also taste almost everything there.

      2. There's a new place that just opened up in Ardmore called A Taste of Olive (their website shows other locations in Haddonfield and West Chester). They have some spanish olive oils - Hojiblanca & La Trinidad -

        1. Nunez de Prado in the can is $ 26/liter at D& D in NY, far less than by buying the bottle. It is a wonderful oil and my first choice for Spanish oils.

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            My favorite is Zoe, an oil that I discovered at Restaurant Alba in Malvern. I buy it (in fact subscribe to it for a discount) on

          2. Second on Trader Joe (surprisingly) and Nunez de Prado which, I believe, is available from TJ-inexpensive, NdP-just the opposite but great stuff.

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                Thanks to everyone who replied, especially the cheesemonger. Just ordered Nunez de Prado from Dean and Deluca.