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Where to buy Mexican crema in Seattle?

middle1 Jun 9, 2011 03:02 PM

I live in north Seattle, around Green Lake, and am looking for a place to get prepared crema. Any ideas? I didn't find it in my usual QFC or even Ballard Market, but perhaps I'm looking in the wrong area of the store?

Thanks for the help!

  1. knowspicker Jun 9, 2011 03:44 PM

    HT Market out at Oaktree has it... though the place is more run down every time I stop by. If you go to the back of the store they have a refrigerator case full of Cacique products including crema and a large selection of cheeses. They also have a Mexican section with better than usual selection of brands and products, even laundry detergent.

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    1. re: knowspicker
      middle1 Jun 10, 2011 08:41 AM

      Perfect, thanks! I was going there this weekend to pick up some bahn mi rolls so I can get the crema now, too!

    2. j
      Jeri L Jun 9, 2011 09:25 PM

      I saw some at the Aurora Grocery Outlet (across from Albertson's/Petco) today. It's on the back wall, with the yogurt, cheese and such like.

      1. dagoose Jun 10, 2011 09:13 AM

        The QFC on 15th in Cap Hill had it, but I usually go to either the mexican grocery at 14th and Jackson or the ABC market at the top of Beacon hill for it.

        1. p
          PAO Jun 10, 2011 12:33 PM

          I've bought the commercial type and I don't like it. It has a weird aftertaste. Easy to make with some buttermilk or sour creme and whipping cream. Rick Bayless has a recipe.

          1. p
            PeteSeattle Jun 14, 2011 03:29 PM

            Any little store with the name "Rincocito" or "Rinconsito" or "Tienda mexicana" and there are dozens and dozens of them, will have what you're actually looking for. Google those words for one close to your area. You won't miss!

            1. Teknotic Jun 17, 2011 10:54 PM

              By far the number one best Mexican crema I've ever had was purchased at Mendoza's Specialty foods, right next door to Barriga Llena on Aurora (couple blocks north of Beth's Cafe). The owner told me that it is homemade, I don't know if it's by him or someone else. It has no thickeners or additives, and tastes like the only ingredients are cream and starter. It is absolutely amazing. Even better than Russian sour cream, which is quite the feat.

              Barriga Llena
              , Seattle, WA 98101

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              1. re: Teknotic
                Lauren Jun 21, 2011 10:36 AM

                Mendoza's where the Sweet Spot Cafe used to be?

                Sweet Spot Cafe
                16053 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

                1. re: Lauren
                  Teknotic Jun 25, 2011 05:44 PM

                  I'm not sure. It's by a halal grocery store and a thai place

              2. l
                libstewart Jun 21, 2011 11:42 AM

                Safeway has it - different stores put it in different places. I usually find it on the dairy asile.

                1. dave_c Jun 22, 2011 11:14 AM

                  I've noticed Mexican dairy products are on the cheese aisle near the cream cheese.

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