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Jun 9, 2011 02:57 PM

why egg YOLKS when making banana cream pie?

hi there,

while i was making a banana cream pie, i was not focused so i put whole eggs instead of jus the yolks. why only the yolks? n what would be the difference with the pie i jus baked with the whole eggs?


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  1. Was your recipe a traditional one where you made the pudding/custard first and poured it into the pie crust? It should work fine but won't be as rich.

    1. Egg yolks contain about 75 times more fat than the whites. Fat = richness. The whites contain about 25% more protein than the yolks so including the whites will toughen the finished pudding somewhat - but I doubt you'll find it objectionable.

      1. yup traditional one. so in the end i put 2 whole eggs n 1 egg yolk, successfully made! my first time n it was delicious anyhow.. glad. with vanilla ice cream yummmm

        thank you guys for helping me out !

        1. You are essentially making a custard which will work with whole egg but won't be as thick or rich.