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Jun 9, 2011 01:08 PM

KitchenAid Fridge experiences?

I'm considering a bottom freezer (model KBRS19KTMS) b/c it fits in my tight space (30" width) but cannot find any customer reviews. My other choice in the price range is an LG french door model, but have been told they're not good quality.

Any advice?

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  1. For what it's worth, Consumer Reports has KitchenAid bottom frezer models listed as 3% more reliable than LG bottom frezer models. This is based on the product reliability survey. The actual testing CR does doesn't include very many models so it's unlikely you will find the model you're looking at, but in general KA ranks better than LG. They have a $3000 LG listed with only 29 points out of 100, while the $2400 KA has 69 points based on performance. The top was an Electrolux at $2200 with 73 points.

    Unfortunately every manufacturer has good stuff and bad stuff, even within the product family, so it's very difficult to know what's good and not so good.

    1. I would suggest checking the drawer/ shelf design on the specific fridge model you are sizing up. I have a KA French door model that is two or three years old. It keeps temperature fine, no mechanical issues yet, HOWEVER, the drawers are flimsy, and can be a pain in the butt sometimes. It's obvious that on the model I bought, that is where KA cut corners. The drawers do not slide in/out with ease. They are flimsy so they can twist / bend when you push them back in, and won't glide smoothly.

      1. I have a different model KA, French doors with bottom freezer. Have had no problems in 3 years. The drawers/shelves are fine. Mine is a cabinet depth, so I gave up some interior space for that size.

        1. When I moved to here there was an LG in place, PIECE OF SHIT in my opinion. The drawers were cheap and diffucult to operate, had a hard time sliding them in and out.

          1. we actually have bought 4 of that exact model (KBRS19KTMS) for rental properties we own .... also requiring something under 30 inches wide .... it's been 3 years and zero problems

            very happy with them

            if you're okay without the kitchenaid sticker on them .... the exact same model is sold under the Maytag brand for less money

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              Did you find the drawers to be flimsy as noted by another commenter?