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Jun 9, 2011 12:58 PM

Pinkberry coming to West Hartford...should i care?

Pinkberry is slated to open in (where else) Blue Back some time in September. never tasted it, so i'm it all that?

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  1. if you like tart yogurt its good. its a little pricey for what it is though.

    1. There's already great tart at Robeks on Farmington Ave in the Center

      1. It'll probably last about as long as TCBY did in Corbin's Corner.

        1. Just had my first Pinkberry today (Fairfield location). It was delicious and very expensive. I had a small salted caramel with caramel sauce, waffle cookie, and dark chocolate crisp. 2 smalls with similar toppings was $11. I'm glad I tried it, but at that price, it definitely won't be a regular stop.

          BTW, I did not find the yogurt to be tart at all.

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            yea, i think 40 carrots at the white plains bloomingdales is better myself. and had a chocolate-coffee twist like 3 weeks ago and it was really good. oddly enough my 3 year old loves the plain yogurt flavor with nothing on it. pricewise its probably about the same, but the portion is three times the size, and i can actually sit at the counter and get waited on if i don't take it to go.

            1. re: JenJeninCT

              forced to trake my 14 year old Friday......
              Waht a ripoff!!!!!
              High prices, small serving, but nce help.
              I was asked if I wanted one and replied I don't like yogurt. After arguing with me and insisting their product does not have a yogurt aftertase, I was given a sample of chocolate and trie dit to shut up my child.
              It had a TERRIBLE yogurt aftertaste.
              I won't return, and my 14 year old will have to pay for it herself it she wants to go back.

            2. so weird that pinkberry is expanding in the east coast when it's dying in the west coast. it's all about self serve! pinkberry is overpriced and limited in flavors and toppings. froyoworld should be coming to west hartford!