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Jun 9, 2011 11:01 AM

Breakfast martini - gin, Cointreau and orange juice. VERY good

To begin the celebration of my last birthday before I go on Medicare, we went out to breakfast this morning. Their menu had probably a dozen cocktails appropriate for breakfast. I opted for the Breakfast Martini, a combination of Saphire gin, Cointreau and fresh squeezed orange juice, served in a cocktail glass. It was really, really good. I'm finding more and more that I prefer gin in a mixed drink rather than my usual vodka. Gin actually adds flavor and not just alcohol. I'm thinking how nice these would be for a brunch. Although mine was done in a cocktail shaker, it would be easy to do a pitcher and keep chilled. Thought I'd pass this along to other. Enjoy.

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  1. Any idea of the ratios they used?

    This looks interesting, with lemon juice and orange marmalade

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      I was just in the process of asking when more people arrived. I'm going to get more info (another research project, dammmit!).

      The one you cite sounds really good. I have some lime marmalade a friend brought from England. Sounds like a possibiity that way also.

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        The wiki-tini sounds better, although I bristle a bit at the "martini". The lemon and bitter marmalade add needed acid and interesting bitter. The OP's version seems redundant in the orange department -- a lot like a gin screwdriver.

        But then I'm a fan of complex cocktails. Some might say overblown. ;-)

        Another interesting marmalade is "Korean Honey Citron Tea". I have no idea why they call it tea. It is intended to be mixed in hot water, but it has pieces of citron in it. The stuff is fabulous on yogurt and in a PB & J (PB & M?). I've also mixed with it with success. Plus you get to eat the citron when the glass is empty.

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        1. re: EvergreenDan

          Oh, I bristle at the word also :) But it was good and now I want to try some of these other things.

          1. re: EvergreenDan

            This morning I picked up a jar of Citron Tea at H-Mart in Burlington. Sipping a cup of green tea now, sweetened with the marmalade. Awesome stuff--I can't wait to try it in a cocktail. Is it 5 o'clock yet?

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              We have an antique wall clock that stopped working about 20 years ago and would have been prohibitively expensive to repair. It's set at 5:03 so, yes, it's 5 o'clock!

              I had frozen some mandarin orange juice a while back. I just took it out of the freezer. I think something is in the air :)

          2. re: ncyankee101

            I just made this using the proportions listed in the Wikipedia article. Quite nice. Somewhat tart with some bitterness from the marmalade, and a cool cloudy light orange color in the glass. Definitely a keeper.

            Update: I think I chose a less-than-ideal gin--Junipero. Too juniper forward. Plymouth, or something else a bit more subtle, might have been a better choice.

          3. It's very similar to a Stork Club cocktail, one of my favs.

            1. That sounds great. I've been using really full flavored gin like Junipero with Campari, a bit of Cointreau, and some grapefruit juice. Maybe that would work for breakfast too!

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              1. re: JeremyEG

                I can attest to that exact drink (well, with Plymouth v Junipero) as being a fantastic breakfast drink.