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Graduation treats, East Bay

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Has anyone seen any graduation-themed cookies, cupcakes, or even candy? I've seen cake pops online, but they're in the south bay. I'm looking for something small and tasty. Maybe a small cake, but definitely not a big, decorated Virginia Bakery style sheet cake. Please save me from having to make my own!

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  1. How about getting Macarons from Feel Good Bakery in Alameda in the colors of your Graduate's school colors?

    Feel Good Bakery
    1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

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    1. re: nicedragonboy

      That's an idea -- though I've never seen a maroon macaron (but I kind of enjoy saying it).

      1. re: nicedragonboy

        Don't know about the quality of their cakes, but I'm sure Masse's could make something for you. I think they do a lot of customized stuff...

        Masse's Pastries
        1469 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

        1. re: abstractpoet

          Masse's cakes are delicious. I'm sure a lot of places would do it as a custom order. I'd start with my favorite bakery and work from there.

          1. re: abstractpoet

            The quality of their cakes is top notch. They usually have some graduation-themed items this time of year that you can just walk in and purchase. You could certainly order something custom as well.

            1. re: milklady

              Unfortunately, their pre-made items are for Berkeley High, specifically. (The woman might have told me that over the phone.) I'm going to order something.

              I had no idea it would be impossible to find cupcakes with 2011 on them, or cap-shaped cookies. Are we too sophisticated for that? No luck at Hopkins Bakery, Toot Sweets, or Bette's. More downmarket places might have something, but i do want whatever I get to taste good.

        2. I know that Teacakes bakery will do graduation themed cupcakes if you ask.