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Jun 9, 2011 10:07 AM

Donuts in the Marina?

My office just moved to the Marina and I can't seem to locate any donut shops in the area. I know that local supermarkets have a bakeries, such as Pavilions and Gelsons, but I'm looking for an actual donut shop.

Thanks so much for the assistance!

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  1. Spudnuts on Venice blvd is pretty good. Wendy's donuts on Lincoln are just okay. Best bet is probably Don's Donuts, not technically in the Marina but pretty close.

    12751 W Washington Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90066

    1. Royal Donuts on Sepulveda & Centinella! GREAT Crumb Donuts! :)


      1. no idea if they're any good, but two places that i drive by all the time:
        - Wendy's Donuts in the tiny shopping center on the southeast corner of Lincoln & Washington
        - Glady's Donuts in the shopping center on the southwest corner of Lincoln & Rose (across Rose from the Whole Foods parking lot)