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Jun 9, 2011 09:58 AM

Heading over the bridge

Going to Westmont for business Monday afternoon, and I'm looking for dinner. Thinking Collingswood, since I've never been. Would love suggestions (Blackbird is closed on Monday). All ethnic/price ranges/area towns will be considered. Funky/unusual get extra points. Thanks, Philly hound.

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  1. Blackbird would have been a good choice but Tortilla Press is also solid. Right in the center of town, directly opposite Blackbird (and West Side Gravy).

    1. How about Sapori in Collingswood for real Italian? Or if you want excellent Japanese, Fuji in Haddonfield. Both are walkable from the high speed line. Other suggestions I had are not open Monday.

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        Fuji would have been my first choice but thought they were closed on Monday. Chef Matt Ito is one of the very best. His Kaiseki tasting is incredible.

        1. re: tom246

          Sagami is open on Monday's I believe, and while not reaching the heights of Matt Ito's sushi at Fuji, it is still some of the freshest sushi in the greater Philadelphia area.