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Jun 9, 2011 09:53 AM

Ottawa near the airport?

We will be landing at YOW at 5:30, and with getting bags and a rental car, we will definitely be ready for dinner by the time we're out (traveling with kids who usually eat early). Any recommendations for somewhere close by with quick service?

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  1. There are lots of restaurants near the airport. If you don't mind chains; the KEG and Moxies are just west of the airport along Hunt Club. There is also a bunch along Bank St just north of Hunt Club at South Keys.
    Or...hold out and hit the Golden Palace for eggrolls at Woodroofe and Fallowfield.

    1. The nice thing about Ottawa is that it is quite small. Even during rush hour you are probably not more than 30 minutes from better food.

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        I agree with this. If you are coming from Calgary (which I assume so based on your username) then you will have the time difference to your advantage too and it won't feel like 5:30 when you get into Ottawa. If you are interested in food and decent food I would head elsewhere than around the airport. It has been a few years since I lived out that way but from what I recall there wasn't much "chow" worthy around that area.

      2. What area of Ottawa are you staying. This might help to give you some good ideas for restaurants.

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          Actually, we're driving to Montreal right away. We'll be returning to Ottawa later in the week, probably staying downtown. I haven't reserved a place yet. I will let you know when I've got my final location nailed down. But for our first travel day, I can't see taking much of a detour when we still have quite a drive ahead of us.

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            With kids, and near the airport, I'd say try The Works, on Bank just a little south of Hunt Club, on the east side of the street. Decent burgers, lots of topping options. We've been twice now, and happy with food and service. The onion rings are quite good, as well. If you want more of a "pub", there's a Royal Oak on Hunt Club at Uplands as well. Only been there once last year, but the food was decent, too.

        2. Thanks for the response!

          We'll be staying at the Residence Inn downtown near Confederation Park, and we will have a car. We'll be there in August with a 5 year old (getting pickier by the day, but we can almost always find something for her to eat - she's not that bad), and a 9 month old (who will probably be mostly eating fruit and jarred food while on vacation). We won't be going any place fancy, but we're happy to bring our kids anywhere that will accomodate them. I will read up other posts on this board and let you know if I have any questions. Out of the blue recommendations are always welcome!