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Jun 9, 2011 09:19 AM


Your thoughts on the pizza & other dishes at Geppetto on Notre-Dame West? Anyone tried the funghi e tartuffo pizza bianca?

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  1. The pizza is very good! Everyone enjoyed it but it is a bit pricey if you have a drink and appetizers! Stick to a pizza and a bottle of wine and you'll walk out happy and some cash left in your pocket!

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    1. re: lsalvi

      Their pizza is very ordinary, went once would not go back. Not even close to Magpie or Bottega.

    2. I went there last summer. Pizza was good, nothing to write home about but the patio more than made up for it. Although, as other have mentioned... it is pricey.

      That being said, the service was terrible. Service through the meal was slow, nobody checking if we needed another drink or how the pizza's actually were, but it was a scorching summer day and we were just enjoying the scenery. When it came time to leave, my girlfriend wasn't able to finish 1/4 of her pizza and asked (the busgirl) for it to go. Another 20 minutes rolls around and they simply bring us the bill, at which point we ask what happened to the leftovers. Our waiter ran off and the manager (or someone with authority) came by and bluntly told us that the busgirl had thrown it out instead of packing it. She told us this without even so much as looking us in the eye, rather looked above us, giving us the impression that she thought she might be better than us. We said okay, mistakes happen, how about you comp one of our drinks and we'll call it even. She flatly refused. She then said if we wanted, they would make a fresh pizza, cut us a quarter of that one, but it would take another 15-20 minutes. We obviously refused, left a penny tip and vowed to never come back.

      I very rarely give restaurant's bad reviews, however this is one that I would NEVER return to.

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        "they would make a fresh pizza, cut us a quarter of that one"

        LOL, are you serious?
        What would they plan on doing with the other 3/4 of it? What a joke. If this actually happened, I would have laughed in their face and only paid part of the bill.