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Jun 9, 2011 08:30 AM

What do you mean by inedible?

I see many reviews or responses here that say the food at this restaurant or that restaurant is inedible. What does that really mean? I have never been to a restaurant where the food was inedible, unless there had been a clear mistake made (i.e. chicken was not cooked through or something like that).

I have been disappointed (majorly and minorly) in food at restaurants and have been majorly upset at the value of certain restaurants, but almost universally, the food has been edible.

So, when you guys say inedible, do you actually mean not fit for human consumption or just way below what you expected?

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  1. I think inedible can mean either. It's so rare for me to get inedible food in a restaurant that I really am having a hard time recalling an instance. Well, the closest I can get is a dinner at a local Italian place about 2 months ago. The bread they served was beyond stale and that, to me, was just not worth putting in my mouth.
    I did get served undercooked chicken wings one time. a long, long time ago. Management refused to take it off our bill because our party of 4 had eaten some! I noticed in on the second wing I ate and immediately told everyone to stop eating. Never went back to that place for treating us so poorly.

    1. Until last week, I would have called inedible anything that was rotten or toxic or would somehow make me sick. But the other day, I cooked a new chicken dish that forced me to redefine inedible to include that which makes me gag when thinking about the leftovers that still have to be eaten.

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        ummmm if it was inedible then dont eat the leftovers?

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          That's exactly what happened. My husband and I hate to toss food, and so when one of us said we were hungry, the other would suggest that he/she eat the leftovers. Neither one of us could do it, and out it went.

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            haha thats a good way to lose weight.... you could always get a dog

      2. I will use the term to apply to anything that I deem, simply and subjectively, not worth eating. As I really have no aversions to any particular foods, for something to be "inedible," it must be poorly prepared or based upon substandard ingredients. Thus, a well done steak, stale bread, raw poultry, rancid produce, are all equally unacceptable and, therefore, inedible.

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          another person who hates french toast! *hugs*

        2. it's a rhetorical device - hyperbole.

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            Well.......... sure, but I recall a dish I declined in an Asian country (while on a business trip) because it was mostly fish bones, fins, scales, entrails and the like. For ME it was inedible as I was not going to put most of those things in my mouth (and I usually have a very wide food tolerance level). Also, there was a Mongolian hot pot experience, in Taipei, where the 'broth' was so spicy that a single taste sent me reeling.

            So............ it can be more than rhetorical, though it can be subjective.

          2. To me, inedible means I literally can't eat it--either because the chewing/swallowing necessary to digest the food is impossible (think of trying to eat a mouthful of unprocessed big pinecones, for example) or because I will literally gag and become so ill that I will not be able to swallow. And maybe I will add that if I am 100% certain I will make myself ill with e.coli or something similar by eating...I guess that would meet my inedible criteria as well.

            So for me, very little is truly inedible. Lots of unappetizing things, for sure, but very little inedible.