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Jun 9, 2011 07:52 AM

Bar at 90 Acres at Natarir

My husband was thinking of going to 90 Acres tomorrow for dinner. We don't have reservations and wanted to sit at the bar for dinner. They have bar/lounge menu. What are the chances on a Friday night of getting in there? I've only been there on a Saturday, and after dinner for a drink and seems like the bar area is packed.

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  1. close to zero chance of getting a seat at the bar and eating dinner - there are only a few seats (12 maybe) and they are always well spoken for by 5 pm and are passed down like sommerset hills country club memberships

    better than average chance of getting a table in the dining room after 8 pm if you can wait an hour in the lounge; poor chance of getting a table if you show up early 5 PM w/out a reservation

    no problem getting a drink and getting some food bites in the lounge before 8 PM,

    eating a full meal in the lounge is almost impossible unless you are a great acrobat and can balance food items and drinks simultaneously on chair or couch rails

    It may improve once the sumer crowd heads to the beach but last Friday it was packed

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      Thanks for the reply. Made me chuckle a bit and you confirmed what I already thought. We will go somewhere else tomorrow. My husband wanted to try the daily special of fish and chips. I know what the lounge area is like and if I tried to eat a meal there, I'd certainly be wearing half of it. More a place for drinks and nibbles.

      I assume you cannot get the bar/lounge menu items in the restaurant itself? How about outside seating, do they serve food there? Is that through the restaurant or bar.
      I guess we are on to plan B.


      1. re: KathyH

        It doesn't know if you noticed during your last visit but they've revamped the lounge and rather than the low ottomans, it has a bar height communal table now -- certainly MUCH easier to eat a full meal at. Unless it's reserved for a special event, it does not require reservations.

        They do serve food both in the outside dining section (full dinner, first come, first serve) as well as the outside lounge (smaller bar-type portions).

        Hope that helps!