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Jun 9, 2011 07:41 AM

Birmingham -- Pork Belly

Does anyone know a place in the Birmingham area that sells pork belly, besides the Super Oriental Market? I tried the V and they're not carrying it (I had fantasies of Fudge Farms pork belly; yeah well).

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  1. Mr. P's doesn't carry it normally, but they will order it for you. 823-6136

    1. I've ordered it from the Cajun Cleaver in Hoover. Their sources vary.

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      1. re: G200

        Thanks, sheilal and G200. Guess I need to think ahead more next time (I had planned it for this weekend, but other factors have intervened). The pork at Super Oriental Market is OK (probably on par with grocery store), but this was to be a special meal and I'd hoped for a special pig.

        1. re: G200

          Seconding the recommendation for Cajun Cleaver - always gotten top-notch service and meats there!