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Jun 9, 2011 06:35 AM

HK bound in July after a long spell. PLEASE share your MUST Eats Recommendations!

Please lead me to the current BEST Eats in HK! I will be staying near the Wing On Department Store in Sheung Wan. But, will travel to other areas for Good eats. Mainly going to HK just to eat :-)

Please share Best BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER and SNACK/Street food places too and a short list of WHAT to Order please.

I do not speak/read nor understand Chinese but, not afraid to explore. Did survive one month in Beijing, just armed with ispeak Mandarin on my ipod :-)

Looking more for the best HK local food as I was previously based in NYC for 7 years before moving back to Asia (Manila) and not really missing Western food as much unless there is something new and exceptionally good that you guys think I must try.

Really curious to know my choices for the ff. as well....

Best Roasted Goose ~ aside from Yung Kee where else can I go?

Best Roasted Duck ?

Best Roasted Pigeon ?

Best Peking Duck ~ Peking Garden in Alexandra house?

Best BBQ Pork ~ Fu Sing, Dynasty or Joy Sing???

Best Egg Tarts

Best HK Noodle Dish

Best Dessert Options

Best High end splurge

Best Snacks etc.

Best Western resto ~ On lot 10 ? Otto?

Best Regional Chinese restos beyond Sichuan = Xi Yian Sweets?

And other Best Iconic HK good eat places....

Best LOCAL Breakfast? eggs at Australia dairy?

Best Brunch places?

Best Bars to drink and eat bar chow?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. There's a very similar inquiry just a few posts down. Why don't you spend some time checking that out first?

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Hi Charles,

      Been reading the various posts. Would love to get more ROASTED GOOSE Options within HK Island and Kowloon though. Beyond Yung Kee, Yat lok and the Manor.

      Best Breakfast/Brunch and Snack options within Sheung Wan and Central too.


      1. re: TheWalkingZagat

        Joi Hing - Wan Chai ( hole in the wall )
        Lung Wah - Causeway Bay ( hole in the wall )
        Man Ho - inside J.W Marriott ( surprisingly good! )

        Last March, I spend some time walking and exploring the side streets north of Jordan Road in Kowloon. I noticed at least three very impressive looking Chinese roast meat/B-B-Q places. I randomly picked one and had a roast goose leg, which was succulent and tasty with crispy skin. Really busy hole in the wall, so did not get a business card!
        Stay away from Wing Hap Lung in Monk Kok. It was mentioned in Michelin, but I was very disappointed with the quality!

    2. A bit late here, but the Peking duck at Peking Garden (Pacific Place Mall) this evening was delish. Also liked the crabmeat & bird's nest soup there.

      Address details
      Peking Garden (北京樓)
      Pacific Place LG05
      88 Queensway
      Admiralty, Hong Kong
      Tel: +852 2845 8452

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      1. re: klyeoh

        I ate a whole Peking duck here on a dare including the stir fry. I would do it again in a heartbeat.