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Jun 9, 2011 06:35 AM

Dress Code for Patios?

Going with a group of 12 and was curious.

Also, any recs for a bar within walking distance?

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  1. Upscale. St. Joe's and Monkey Hill aren't far. There is an old man's bar along Magazine by there whose name escapes me right now.

    Monkey Hill Bar
    6100 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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    1. re: CharlieH

      Would I be okay in polo shirt, shorts and loafers or would slacks be more appropriate?

      1. re: klebb

        Slacks. Shorts wouldn't be appropriate.

        As for more bar suggestions, you could also check out Dos Jefes on Tchoupitoulas, just a few blocks away. Good Scotch selection, and nice indoor and outdoor spaces.

        1. re: klebb

          "Dressy" shorts were appropriate for Patois this past Sunday for brunch - - I would suggest calling ahead and asking. Our meal was memorable - enjoy!!!!

          1. I went for brunch, so it might be different, but I wore jeans and a polo. The staff was really nice, and the restaurant is very laid back in my experience so looking clean, dressed, and professional is probably cool.