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Jun 9, 2011 06:07 AM

The Buttered Biscuit - Bradley Beach

A great breakfast & lunch place just opened in the Bradley Beach area. Based on another review of the Buttered Biscuit on Yelp I decided to stop in today and have breakfast which consisted of blueberry pancakes and sausage patties. Excellent patties and the pancakes were fantastic - just the way I like them, light but not overcooked with a nice texture. Their coffee was of a high quality bean with a pleasing aroma and taste. Service was very good and the ambiance/decor really nice.

And, yes this place is owned by the same people who own the Honeysuckle Cafe on the beach in Bradley. The Buttered Biscuit is located in the old La Hacienda space just across the street from the Bradley Beach municipal building.

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  1. This place is JUST what this area needed!! 2 thumbs way up. - Have been there a handlful of times now and have probably had or tasted the majority of breakfast AND lunch items on the menu. There hasnt been one thing i havent liked. Pancakes are absolutely fabulous - they put fresh berries or bananas in them if you want. As their name implies they make a mean griddled breakfast biscuit, they serve it with a cinammon butter and strawberry jam that is just out of this world (as is their griddled crumb cake - i just love a breakfast appetizer)
    The french toast and house scramble with goat cheese, herbs de provence and cherry tomatoes is also fantastic. They also do a personal favorite a BLET - a BLT with a fried egg on it on toasted multigrain which is perfect for both breakfast and lunch - if im doing lunch i am sometimes inclined to ask for avocado on it as well ( i guess that makes it a BLEAT!)
    As far as lunch is concerned the crabcake sandwich, Cobb Salad, and Cajun Shrimp wrap are all very yummy!
    Service is very friendly and efficient and prices are incredibly reasonable. cant say enough good things about this place - wish them the best of luck!

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      stack_c, glad you liked the place - my wife loves the BLET as well and as for me I just can't seem to get past the blueberry pancakes ... simply the best. You will like Toast as well in Asbury. Both are excellent. But overall BB has my vote for best of the best for the following reasons: bistro like ambience including the white linen table cloths, great location, very friendly service and creative dishes. Use to be the shore area had a dearth of quality breakfast places and now we have several to choose from...