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Jun 9, 2011 05:54 AM

Best BBQ in Ft Worth?

Hello -

My brother is visiting Ft. Worth from Austin and is a serious bbq fiend. Where should he go for the best 'que this weekend?


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  1. As ranked by the Godfather of bbq, Daniel Vaughan.

    Voted best bbq in Dallas by D Magazine and Daniel (closed Sunday and Monday)
    Off the Bone BBQ
    5144 Mansfield Hwy
    Forest Hill, TX <-- (south Ft Worth)

    Longoria’s BBQ
    100 S. Christopher St.
    Fort Worth, TX

    Smokey’s Barbecue
    5300 E. Lancaster Ave.
    Fort Worth, TX

    Angelo's Bar-B-Que
    2533 White Settlement Rd.
    Fort Worth, TX

    Cousin’s Bar-B-Q
    6262 McCart Ave.
    Fort Worth, TX

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      Although I've never been, I've always heard very good things about "Off the Bone".

    2. Perhaps you should throw the Railhead into the mix. It's got good freeway access, and it has a good A/C system, which may be important this weekend since it will be very hot. I have always enjoyed their BBQ and the way they poke fun at Dallas. Nothing in Ft.Worth is going to compare with Austin/Central Texas BBQ, but the Railhead is fun and the Que is good and the beer is very cold.