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Jun 8, 2011 10:06 PM

Violon d'Ingres Dinner Prices

I've looked all over for information regarding pricing at Violon d'Ingres but have not been able to find anything. For dinner, is there a menu or is it just a la carte? In either, case what would a ballpark figure of what one should expect to spend there for dinner with and without wine? Thank you!

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  1. Don't know about dinner but we had a lovely lunch there a couple of weeks back opting for the 80 euro menu. Will post a review shortly.

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    1. re: jeremyholmes

      How many courses was this menu? Does anyone know if it's also available for dinner? Thanks.

      1. re: dimkasmir

        6 courses plus amuse bouche, high quality ingredients and well worth the dollars.

        1. re: jeremyholmes

          The "regular" dinner menu is only 70 Euros, but I don't recall if that inclues the souffle. With a quality wine etc count on close to 150 Euros pp.

    2. We ate dinner at Violin d'Ingres on May 25. The menu, which we didn't have, was 80 euros. We both had a salad starter (about 15), fish for the main course (36 and 39) and dessert (13). We had a bottle of the house chablis for 45. Our total bill was 176.

      Of the 12 plats on the carte, eight were 34 - 39 euros.

      Will post a review soon; we just got home from France. We dined very well, thanks to advice from CH.

      1. I ate there the first week in May. 2 people. We each had an apperitif, 3 courses, and shared a lovely bottle of wine and paid about 200 euros. We were both quite happy to pay the price for the quality of the food, the friendly and attentive service, and the lovely atmosphere.