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Jun 8, 2011 07:58 PM

Good meatballs at Yankee Stadium?

Going to a game tomorrow night. Would like to try some meatballs or maybe a fresh burger... no fries...carb-light.

Do any vendors sell sugarless ice cream/frozen treats by any chance?

My diet is a bit restricted right now, I plan to bring some things just in case.

What are some good healthy options at the stadium?

Thanks for any tips.

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  1. Not sure exactly what you want, but a complete list of what's available is on the stadium's website.

    If anything appeals, putting the name of the concession into your browser should take you to their main website where you can review menus and so on.

    I'd argue just get a hot dog, but it's your night out. (If you do bring anything, bring it in a clear plastic bag.)

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    1. re: Wilfrid

      Wilfrid, thanks for that link, very helpful. Melissa's may have some fresh things so that's a good one for me.

      I might also just go for a splurge and try one of the steak options... Does anyone have opinions on NYY Steak Express or Lobel's for sliced steak?


      1. re: TrishUntrapped

        I like the Lobel's sandwich. It's huge and messy and expensive (well, all ballpark prices are), but I usually get that and an order of garlic fries and stuff my face.

    2. Keep in mind that you can bring outside food into the Stadium as well as one bottle of water one liter or smaller. If you have a restricted diet I'd go that route rather than pay the sky-high concession prices.

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      1. re: MandalayVA

        Thanks, definitely bringing some food in, good to know that about water too,

      2. What a game! Started three hours late, didn't get home till close to 3 a.m. It was my first visit to Yankees Stadium, and I feel like I know every nook and cranny in it. I toured all the eateries and poked my head into some of the restaurants. (Marc Murphy was in the Legends dining room cooking for the $$$ people.)

        The stadium is impressive so I was surprised to see the food options were just as bad as any other ballpark (hot dogs, sausage, nachos...ho and hum), and in some cases worse... with one notable exception... Lobel's as mentioned above! What a gem! They make a sliced steak sandwich with good quality meat cooked rare. It's tender, juicy, flavorful. I ate some of the meat and gave the rest of it and the roll to my husband, who devoured it and then got his own. At $15 it wasn't cheap, but for the same price you could get three lousy hot dogs or a grease laden burger and fries... so all said, it was a good deal for that park. I brought with me my own snacks - fruit, almonds, and sugar free chocolate almond bark from Maine Cottage Foods, who make the best hand-crafted sugar free chocolate. I also brought water bottles I had frozen and kept refilling them while the ice melted, so didn't have to pay for water.

        Lobel's steak and a Sox victory made the experience a sweet one.