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Jun 8, 2011 07:39 PM

Picnic packing 101

Summer is here--and we are finding ourselves with a ton of picnic opportunities. Some are very traditional--think blanket, basket, maybe a small cooler for some drinks. Others are picnics near the local pool where we would have access to a table and a large gas grill. We usually are with vegitarian friends part of the time, so ideas with and without meat for mains and sides would be great. Looking forward to some great inspiration!

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  1. Veggies take on a whole new life on the grill. Pick up a BBQ grill pan and slice zuchinni onion and eggplant, grab some asparagus and even brussel sprots toss in olive oil S&P and grill for a fab grilled veg salad. You can also pre-grill the veg at home and take as a good side. They hold up at room temp with no mayo issues to worry about.