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Jun 8, 2011 07:34 PM

Ancaster Mill - opinions?

Their web site sounds enticing, and the location is great, but how's the food?

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  1. went to a wedding there and the food was amazing...although it was a wedding for 2 chefs....

    1. The food there ranges from a very good upscale Sunday Brunch fare (their Sunday Buffet Brunch) to outstanding (their regular menu and their Sunday Supper). They have a focus on seasonal and local fare and the menus vary as the seasons change. It's a beautiful setting and quite relaxed and the chefs truly respect their ingredients and highlight the flavours intrinsic in them. It's a nice place for a relaxing meal out.

      1. The food is great - head chef Jeff Crump is part of the slow food movement, and tries to incorporate local, seasonal sustainable food into his menus. Care and attention to detail are in every item, which shows through in the taste. I hope you go and enjoy it!!!
        (Another great local option is Quatrefoil in Dundas)

        1. good simple honest food, not trying to wow you with a lot of flash. Recommended.

          1. I really love their brunch. Been a few times with the family and it's a lovely spread with lots of choice and everything is fresh and delish. I remember they had fresh oysters, crab legs, crepes, pastries, smoked salmon and hand carved roasted meat (can't remember if it's ham or beef). Would love to go back this summer!

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              Only been there for brunch. Nice environment, food is ok, I think it is some of the best brunch I had in Toronto/Hamiton area. I like the all you can eat oyster. Here is a pic of the food.