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Jun 8, 2011 07:07 PM

Bundu Khan in Floral Park


I finally went to Bundu Khan today after living near it for months. I was always scared away from the prospect because good grill places are a dime a dozen in London meanwhile they're generally terrible here. Things are rarely made to order and its obnoxious when it comes to grilling. "Curries" and what not shouldn't be. A seekh kebab has no business being left out for 4 hours.

Ok back to Bundu Khan. They don't do that! The overall is something along the lines of I would rather eat at Needoo or Kebabish on Green St, but I'm in New York. It's a pretty good little place with a clean interior. They also do a rollicking business with the local South Asian community (I saw over 10 take away orders made or picked up in the 30 minutes I was eating there.)

So far I only had 2 chapli kebabs, 3 seekh kebabs and 2 naan. Everything was quite good, but it's a bit irritating that both the seekh and chapli kebabs were made of chicken (which is very not correct for chapli kebabs and acceptable for seekh.) That's my only real complaint about that. Lamb seekh kebabs would put this place on my weekly craving list in a second.

Overall good meat items grilled to order with reasonable prices as long as you avoid the extortionate $4 a plate rice. Great place for a few naan and some grilled stuff.

And it's within walking distance for me so I can't really say no.

Bundu Khan Kabab House
253-19 Union Turnpike, Queens, NY 11004

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  1. I hit this place a month or so ago. Working nearby, in Oakland Gardens, the Glen Oaks/Bellerose/Floral Park area is my best bet for all things Indian for lunch.

    Went for two parathas, the chicken tikka and the Gola kebab. The chicken was nothing to speak of - meat was skimpy and they overdid the dressing. The gola was more like it. The paratha was packed to the point of almost being weighed down by a ton of nicely spiced and moist ground beef. It resembled something of an Indian huarache. The paratha itself is nothing special, but I'd get the gola version again.

    Taste Of Cochin, a block or two away on the other side of Union Tpk, really pushes that mediocre buffet at lunchtime. I'd like to try some their Keralan dishes, though. 5 Star Indian Cuisine, in New Hyde Park, is a bit of a haul for a lunch break.


    Taste of Cochin
    248-08 Union Turnpike, Queens, NY 11426