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Jun 8, 2011 06:31 PM

Bottled Thousand Island Dressing Survey

What is your favorite bottled Thousand Island Dressing? Mine is:

#1 Bob's Big Boy Thousand Island Dressing (Ships refridgerated, short shelf life)

#2 Ken's Steak House Thousand Island Dressing.

I want to try any others besides Kraft & Wishbone (boring) to see if anything is better than BBB or Ken's.

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  1. I like Marie's. Most of the Marie's dressings are above average. I wish Newman's Own would give it a try.

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    1. Why don't you make your own? I've never had a better one in a bottle.

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      1. re: Jay F

        I agree it is way better but using an authentic recipe using hard-boiled eggs in there, it becomes a lot more perishable than a bottled product and it's too much of a pain in the ass to make to order. Unless you eat a lot of it or have a lot of time and inclination to make small batches or just freaking love the stuff- it is not going to be worth it. We used to make it entirely from scratch when I used to cook for a living and would have to make it every 3 or 4 days. It went bad before any of the other dressings we made.

        1. re: LorenM

          I don't actually do it that way myself (hate hard boiled eggs), but I thought it was a nice touch. Was the restaurant where you did it Southern?

          1. re: Jay F

            It was actually kind of a classical American fine dining establishment. There were great pains taken to make everything from scratch. It was a great place to learn. The eggs didn't really stand out as they were minced. Interestingly, our ranch dressing contained chicken consomme but all the dressings were the bomb.

      2. the only thousand island i ever remember having was the mayo,ketchup and relish mix my dad would make all the time....

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        1. re: srsone

          +1. It was one of the only things my mother knew how to make. I loved it. Still do. It just tastes better. I use Heinz chili sauce sometimes, too. And sometimes a little, teeny bit of horseradish.

          1. re: Jay F

            that makes it russian dressing doesnt it?

            my dad would add a little horseradish sometimes also..

            1. re: srsone

              I've never really gotten the distinction between Russian and Thousand Island. Maybe this is it.

              1. re: Jay F

                Putting chopped things in Russian dressing = Thousand Island dressing.

                As far as bottled goes I'd put Marzetti, Marie's and Litehouse on the same level, way better than Kraft.

                1. re: MandalayVA

                  what my dad would make ...
                  ketchup,mayo and relish= 1000 island
                  if he added the chili and horseradish he called it russian...
                  but then sometimes he would just add horseradish to the 1000..i dont know what he would call that...

                  i dont remember him ever buying a bottled brand of either...

                  as far as bottled brands in general... i like kens steakhouse..wishbone for their tangy italian...
                  and maries from the produce section once in a while..

                  1. re: srsone

                    Sometimes people (not me) push a hard-boiled egg yolk through a strainer into Thousand Island.

                    I don't make a distinction between the two names, btw. I usually write "Russian" because it's easier, and in discussions such as this, I call it whatever whoever brought it up calls it.

        2. I'm partial to the one by Bolthouse Farms, which has a yogurt base rather than mayo. In the fresh-veggie section, not the salad-dressing shelves.

          1. Totally Kens, and as ice cold as possible. Somehow it just makes it taste better to me.